Saint Peter, the Fisherman, is displayed at the entrance to Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center. It was donated by Angels Gate Council in 1997. San Pedro has a history of being one of the largest centers of the fishing industry in the country.



The council has qualified for the Double Star Council Award for the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR in 2015 for membership recruitment (attaining 200% of quota, thereby "double"), retention, promotion of the insurance program and sponsorship of service-oriented activities.



Angels Gate Council 1740

103 Years of Service

870 West 8th Street

San Pedro, CA 90731




2017 - 2018 Rosters

Duties of Officers may be read by clicking Duties of Officers.

Title Name Phone Email
Grand Knight Gene Wahl 310.548.3157 wahl@att.net
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Marino 310.927.8295 marinochris@hotmail.com
Chaplain Rev. Freddie Chua   FrFreddieC@MaryStar.org
Chancellor Mario Saborio   msaborio@sbcglobal.net
Financial Secretary Peter D. Costa 310.514.2499 PETER_D_COSTA@yahoo.com
Recorder John Dimond 310.480.0760 john.dimond1@gmail.com
Treasurer Nick Vitalich 562.789.9529 nvitalich@att.net
Advocate Flor Toloza 310.782.0865 efartee@att.net
Warden Joseph Good  
Inside Guard Joe Ungaro   jun24601@hotmail.com
Outside Guard Sean Campbell 310.991.1286 Mr.Campbell5150@gmail.com
1 Year Trustee Bill Railey   railey@juno.com
2 Year Trustee Danny Eslava 424.210.4450 teslava@sbcglobal.net
3 Year Trustee Mark Rollice 310.980.0765 mrollice@sbcglobal.net
Lecturer Antonio Amalfitano   amalfitano@kw.com
Activities Directors
Title Name Phone Email
PROGRAM DIRECTOR Mark Rollice 310.980.0765 mrollice@sbcglobal.net
CHURCH DIRECTOR Tony Tamalunas 310.548.4862 artamalu@cox.net
Coordinators: Bob Costales, Bob Hohman Jr. Mario Marchione, Bill Binns
Activities: Vocations, Parish Round Table, Lay Apostolate, Parochial Devotions, Christ in Christmas
COMMUNITY DIRECTOR Tony DeGirolamo   antoniodg@att.net
Coordinators: John Gutierrez, Gene Wahl, Tony Moreno, Albert Amundson
Activities: Volunteerism, Human Needs, Civic Involvement, Environment, Public Safety, Health Services, Decency
COUNCIL DIRECTOR Joe D'Amato   joedamato1957@gmail.com
Coordinators: Anthony DiTucci, Rob Jones, Dory Jones, Mario Saborio
Activities: Public Relations, Fraternalism, Cultural, Social, Blood Donors, Athletics
FAMILY DIRECTOR John Stammreich 310.547.1346 stammiam@yahoo.com
Coordinators: Leo Kowalski, Joe Lauro, Jim Archer, John Dimond
Activities: Survivor's Assistance, Memorials, Education, Communications, Family of the Month/Year, Family Projects, Recreations, Family Week
YOUTH DIRECTOR Vince Dever   vmdever@aol.com
Coordinators: George Vazquez, Paul Renner, Anthony Amundson, Andres Mendoza
Activities: Columbian Squires, Youth Groups, Athletics, Educational Programs, Youth Welfare, Religious Activities, Social Activities
MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Phil Sandoval   podracerzora@aol.com
Coordinators: Andy D'Amato, Jose Pimentel, William Cordero, Karl Kramberger
Activities: Recruitment, Retention, Insurance Promotions
Title Name Phone Email
Field Agent Ernesto J. Literte 310.781.3048 ernielety@sbcglobal.net
District 95
Title Name Phone Email
District Deputy Ken Hall 310.831.1534 kmhall2@cox.net
Round Table Coordinators

Title Name Phone Email
Holy Trinity John Stammreich 310.547.1346 stammiam@yahoo.com
Holy Trinity Jim Archer 310.547.3414 jimbigarch@pacbell.net
Holy Trinity Phil Sandoval   podracerzora@aol.com
St. Peter Joe Chapman    
St. Peter Dwayne McDowell   DPMcDowellSr@yahoo.com
St. Peter Jose Pimental    
Mary Star of the Sea Nick Vitalich 562.789.9529 nvitalich@att.net
Mary Star of the Sea Bill Railey   railey@juno.com
Mary Star of the Sea  




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